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Adrian Zacher

Hi, I'm Adrian Zacher. Interested in all things related to conscious and unconscious respiratory medicine.

Adrian Zacher's Bio:

An entrepreneur and strategic thinker with a straightforward ‘Can do’ approach. I pride myself on actually communicating and not hiding behind jargon. I have a track record of successfully identifying opportunities for strategic acquisition and changing the patient pathway to care. In 2008, I successfully completed the MBA to develop my leadership skills and broaden my knowledge of all aspects of business. Known for my integrity and values: What is best for the Patient, I am a driven and effective communicator across all levels of corporate seniority, with extensive commercial experience, diplomacy and negotiation skills. I thrive on leading people and taking responsibility for results. My passion and knowledge of medical devices have seen me invited to write a textbook chapter, and in 2005 I co-founded a professional society. I often speak at Postgraduate training meetings – 6 such events planned this year. I am unafraid of doing the ‘heavy lifting’ and I have even been known to make the tea! Now, I am looking for a leadership/Director’s role where my values are reflected in the company’s culture, where I can lead, “own” and build a sustainable, respected, medical device business.   Common name misspellings: Andrew Zacher, Zacker, Sacker

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Adrian Zacher's Interests & Activities:

Reading, cycling, family, cooking, curry, Formula 1 and driving anything LOUD and FAST! And proud [tired] new Dad :o)

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